Law firm marketing that delivers:
The 5 things every law firm must do


Wednesday 12th July

Law firms of all sizes face the same challenge when it comes to marketing – getting new clients and/or increasing income from existing clients by doing the right things, in the right way and at the right time.

Law firms are so busy getting on and doing more and more activities that they rarely take the time to stand back and think about what they want to achieve and how best they can go about it.

This often results in frustration and moving onto the next activity. 


If this sounds familiar and you would like to take stock of your law firms’ marketing with a view to getting better results, you will benefit from this free webinar where you will learn:


  1. The 3 biggest mistakes that are holding back law firms and their marketing efforts (and how to avoid them).

  2. A structured approach that all law firms can quickly and easily apply.

  3. The 5 things every law firm must do to get better results from their marketing.


​​​Who are these events for?

  • Managing partners, partners and lawyers wanting to get better results from their marketing.

  • Lawyers wanting ideas and the 'know-how' to help them to find, get and grow their clients.

  • Law firm marketers looking for some strategic focus and ideas and to grow and develop themselves and their team.

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