We can work with you on a one-off project basis – with a defined objective - or we can work on a longer term retainer basis to support you in a number of areas.


Our law firm marketing health check is a standalone piece of work that gives you an objective review of your business development and marketing and provides you with a list of recommendations, together with an action plan to enable you to align your business development and marketing with your overall objectives.


This is highly recommended as a piece of work if you want an objective review of your approach together with a specific plan of action identifying the steps you need to take to get the results you want from your business development and marketing activities.


This product can be provided as a standalone piece of work or as part of a retainer product.  If the latter, then the retainer piece will include working with you to develop the skills and put in place the activities identified from the health check.


Services we can help you with include:


  • Find and get clients. 

    • Giving you a clear understanding of what your ideal clients look like, where they are and ways to get your brand and solutions in front of them.

    • Defining and implementing strategies to win clients including identifying appropriate lead generation techniques.


  • Grow and develop existing client relationships.

    • Understanding who your key clients are and develop a programme to ensure they are looked.

    • Maximise the opportunities to develop your relationship with clients.

    • Strategies to support cross selling and keeping clients informed on developments relevant to them.

    • Getting regular feedback.

    • Ensuring you have good two-way dialogue between you and your clients.

    • Putting in place appropriate client relationship plans.


  • Grow and develop your distribution network.  Most law firms have excellent relationships in place with professionals and other organisations and people capable of referring business to them. 

    • Strategies to make these relationships more fruitful and fulfilling.

    • Strategies to make your networking and relationships more collaborative and delivering more referrals to your firm.


  • Grow and develop the reputation of your firm and your lawyers. 

    • Positioning your firm and lawyers as the recognised experts within your geographies, sectors and areas of expertise.

    • Putting in place suitable plans with practical elements that can be implemented with minimum of time, enabling your lawyers to undertake business development even when they are super busy.


  • Plan and deliver. In addition to having specific plans and activities we can help you:

    • Review and put in place robust processes and systems to ensure your business development and marketing is delivered consistently.

    • Ensure that key outcomes and learnings are captured.This is often the overlooked part of effective business development and marketing but it is absolutely crucial.

    • Ensure you have the right tools and skills to enable you to deliver.


Specific products and services.


  • Law firm marketing health check

  • Developing healthy and profitable client relationships

  • Creating campaigns that get results and win you more business

  • Strategies to target specific targets / sectors / clients types

  • Developing a winning presence online - including website projects, getting traffic to your website, converting website visitors to clients and integrating your online presence with your offline presence

  • Client listening

  • CRM: winning hearts and minds

  • Business development and marketing workshops and training for lawyers

  • How to become the recognised expert – positioning your firm and your lawyers as recognised experts

  • Content creation and sharing: how to get your messages noticed and delivering leads

  • Online and all things digital: making it work for your firm (and helping you understand how it all works)

  • Brand, positioning and profile: it matters but how do you join it all up and make it generate clients?

  • Distribution and partnerships: develop healthy and profitable relationships

  • Legal directory submissions

  • Retainers, interim business development and marketing resource

  • Sounding board

  • Strategy days

  • Developing and delivering innovative client centric products

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