Successful law firm marketing: Get actively & practically engaged

April 3, 2018

"My definition of success? The more you're actively and practically engaged, the more successful you will be."

Sir Richard Branson


There are many powerful and thought provoking quotes from Richard Branson and others around the topic of ‘success’.  This one particularly resonates with me because it is so apt for law firms. 


What I love about this quote from Richard Branson is that it looks beyond the numbers, it challenges you to look within and start exploring the ‘what and how’ and not just the why.  Numbers are an outcome that helps to measure success but the point about active engagement is about what and how the desired outcomes will be achieved. And, more than that, importantly it is a person that is taking responsibility, recognising that success is about getting involved and not simply expecting others to deliver.


Typically, when I ask a managing partner or lawyer ‘what does success look like?’ - a question I often ask at the outset of an engagement with a law firm - the answers I get are usually expressed in numbers – such things as £££’s and numbers relating to fee income and new clients.


Without exception, the most successful marketing and business development initiatives that I have been involved with or come across have involved collaboration and involvement from all parties.  From having a clear understanding of the goals for any marketing activities, to planning and implementing the right activities capable of delivering the stated goals. 


It sounds simple, and yet so many law firms blindly ignore the obvious and persist with doing things because they’ve always done them and are surprised when they keep getting the same, disappointing results.


Better marketing starts with have a clear goal.  It doesn’t start with an activity without a clear objective, focus and defined purpose. 


I am passionate about law firms doing better marketing – marketing which delivers. 


If you think that your law firm marketing could be better – join me at my ‘Law firm marketing that delivers: The 5 things every law firm must do’ webinar on Wednesday 12th July at 9.30am.  I promise you it will be an hour well spent and you will come away with some practical and actionable ideas.


This webinar is suitable for:

  • Managing partners, partners and lawyers wanting to get better results from their marketing.

  • Lawyers wanting ideas and the 'know-how' to help them to find, get and grow their clients.

  • Law firm marketers looking for some strategic focus and ideas and to grow and develop themselves and their team.

I hope to ‘see’ you at my webinar!

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