Working together to get improved results.

We are focused on delivering value by using our expertise and know-how to help law firms get better results from their business development and marketing. 


We help managing partners, lawyers and marketers looking for:

  • A new approach to an old problem.

  • A fresh approach to professional services firm business development and marketing.

  • An experienced resource with a proven track record to work alongside them.

  • ‘Better’ business development and marketing. ‘Better’ meaning improved results, delivering against the business objectives, more efficient use of resources and the ability to get things done.

  • Better value from your business development and marketing.


It’s a two-way commitment when you work with Find Get Grow.

We firmly believe in partnerships and working together.  This way we can truly help you get the improvements that you are looking for.  Because of this we’re a bit picky about who we work with and we ask all our clients to make a commitment to us at the outset.  Of course, we make a commitment to our clients as well – it’s only fair!


Our commitment to you:

  • We will deliver against your objectives.

  • We will not take on any work or project that we are not experienced to undertake or cannot deliver (time or cost).

  • You will have a responsive consultant looking after you.

  • You can expect openness, integrity, honesty, transparency, creativity, energy, enthusiasm and excellent communication.


Your commitment to us:

  • A clear brief including what your expectations are and the timescales and budgets you need us to work to.

  • Transparency and full disclosure of relevant and pertinent information (we are happy to sign an NDA).

  • Treat us like ‘part of your team’.

  • Clear communications and responsibilities (what we do / what you will do).

  • An open mind to suggestions.

  • Feedback at all stages of any project so we can deliver to your expectations.


We will of course help you provide us with the elements that we are asking you to commit to (objectives, timescales, budgets, information gathering) but we want to be clear from the outset that working with Find Get Grow is a two-way commitment. This way we know we can deliver results and value to you.

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