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A poor client experience is costing law firms £thousands. With law firms investing an average of 3% of their turnover on marketing each year, the focus for many law firms tends to be on driving more leads and profile raising.

Whilst law firms are quite good at looking after their bigger and longer standing clients, what about handling of leads and managing your wider client base?

Research shows that law firms that don’t have some of the basic processes and measurements in place to ensure a consistent client focused approach are losing significant fee income as a result. Clare shares data that demonstrates that a £10M turnover firm could be losing an average of £120,000 fee income each year.

Can you afford to ignore this issue?


This presentation was presented by Clare at LegalEx in March 2019 at ExCel in London.  Clare shares the steps you should take to give you the know-how, skills and confidence to deliver better value from existing opportunities and clients.

How to Get £100k+ More Income into Your Law Firm Quickly

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